About us

Attila Markus, MD

Dr. Markus studied Medicine and Business studies. Born in Hungary with Swabian roots, he has lived in Germany for years, where he practices medicine full-time. In his free time Dr. Markus enjoys hiking or going on extended biking trips with friends. Other hobbies include climbing, skiing, and cooking.

Dr. Markus first became acquainted with beehive air inhalation in 2012, through a neighbor whose child had asthma. He was impressed by the dependable effectiveness of the method. As a dedicated physician he has occupied himself intensively with the process ever since and he endeavors to scientifically authenticate and firmly establish it. Dr. Markus leads the several studies into beehive air inhalation and coordinates respiratory measurements. Together with a former system developer from the pharmaceutical industry he strives to both technologically improve the equipment and simplify their application.

Dr. Markus is also responsible for the methodology of recording patients' medical histories and checkups. Within his purview fall also the development of the webpage and evaluating and processing the data produced by the inhalations.

In this he receives voluntary support from the medical, technical, and agricultural domains.