Legal statement

You will find on these following pages a website for beehive air inhalation. We are not advertising a therapy, we are not promising results, and we are not carrying out any therapy at the beehives. We are offering you the opportunity to find such places where you can inhale beehive air.

Beehive air inhalation is at this time no more than the inhalation of a special type of air which can be found in nature, in beehives to be precise. Many have reported alleviation of their complaints or even recovery. For this, you will need your own commitment. It is possible that such an inhalation was recommended to you. We do not claim to be able to heal you. We only pass on to you information, empirical figures, and advice that was given to us by people who have already received beehive air inhalations. We are however striving to have beehive air inhalation recognized by current law as a healing method or therapy.

The questions regarding medical information serve to recommend you a specific number of inhalations which has had positive results according to test subjects so far. In our dealings with subjects we adopt certain methods from conventional medicine.