How do I book the inhalation?

  1. On the main page of you click one of the buttons which show your condition. If you don't have any of the conditions show, please click on "Other".
  2. A page will open on which you should click on the most important features of your condition. After that, please click on "Continue".
  3. A page will open on which additional diagnoses are displayed. Here, please specify any further illnesses you have. Once more click on "Continue".
  4. Now a page will open where you can specify the details of the additional diagnoses you have selected. Please fill these out as precisely as possible and again click "Continue".
  5. A map will open on which the inhalation sites closest to you are shown. Please select one by clicking on it. Again click "Continue".
  6. Now a calendar will open on which you can select your preferred times for appointments by clicking on the appropriate fields. Please select as many as recommended to you (on the left half of the page). It is commended that you select at least three, but no more than six appointments a day. (Of course you can complete your inhalations at more than one site.)
  7. When you click on "Continue", a page will open on which you should register your personal data. After filling out all the fields, click on "Continue" again. (Please remember your password. Should you forget your password, you can find the instructions to obtaining a new one on the main page under the button "Login".)
  8. You will now receive an e-mail confirming your registration and containing a link.
  9. When you click on the link another page will open, on which the information you gave and your inhalation schedule are once more summarized. Please confirm by clicking on the appropriate button. Should you want to change something you can reach the previous page by clicking on "Back".
  10. You will receive another e-mail. It contains:
    1. the confirmation of your registering your inhalations,
    2. information on the methods of payment.
  11. Your booking will be set on payment of your deposit, of which the details were given to you in the e-mail.
  12. The remaining amount can usually be paid in cash on location at the time of your first inhalation.