Feldkirchen, Maximilian Weiß

Austria, 5143 - Feldkirchen bei Mattighofen, Ottenhausen 45

GPS: 48.086563,13.043530





Responsible person: Maximilian Weiß

Address: 4, 5143 Feldkirchen / Mattighofen Ottenhausen 45.

Telephone: +43-(0)7748-6260

Fax: +43-(0)7748-6260-40

E-mail: weiss-silvia@aon.at

Contact person: Silvia Weiß

Tax number: 41018/2265

Account number: 75505437

IBAN: AT706000000075505437



Max and Silvia Weiß successfully occupy themselves with naturopathic methods. In the gentle rolling landscape of the Innviertel they receive guests for beehive air inhalations with Upper Austrian warmth. Besides offering homemade products and treats of the house they also know many a valuable insider tip in preventative health.

Maximilian Weiß
Maximilian Weiß

Beehive air inhalation Beehive air inhalation Max Weiß has been a beekeeper for many years. Son of a farmer from the milk and cheese country of Upper Austria, he doesn’t just make his own cider, jam, bacon, or schnapps, but is also an expert on pickling gherkins, chillies, and other treats. In his apiary he produces honey, which goes well with the homemade bread and other baked goods that his son Max Junior, a master baker, bakes. He is an employee at the Salzburg power plants and beside his apiary his great love is natural healthcare. He strives to offer various approved natural remedies to the members of his community. Since he has started working with beehive air inhalation, he eschews neither cost nor effort to provide his guests with an efficient application of the beehive air in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Silvia Weiß is the kind spirit of the house. The mother of three has for many years supported her husband’s endeavors to provide natural help against the various maladies of his guests. A housewife previously active in food production, she is by now an experienced and much sought-after advisor to guests, especially regarding vitamin products and organic food supplements.

Small church in Altheim Small church in Altheim The locality of Ottenhausen belongs to the village of Feldkirchen, which lies between the towns of Mattighofen and Burghausen in the vicinity of the Bavarian-Austrian border. There a gentle, quiet, and in its raw beauty still uncommodified landscape shapes unspoilt and hospitable character of its inhabitants. Beside beautiful cities like Salzburg, Braunau, or Burghausen gentle moors, quiet forest lakes, green hills, and gorgeous fields tempt the visitor who seeks solitary and re-energizing peace far from the wild thronging of the overflowing tourist sites. Besides the beauty of the landscape and the untouched nature, the region has culinary delights to offer, which could make a holiday for two, for the family, or with friends especially worthwhile. Whether cycling tours, rafting on the river Salzach, bathing in  one of the little lakes, or a visit to the venerable monasteries like Michaelbeuren or Mattsee, all visitors shall find something to suit their tastes.


Gasthof Steinerwirt, Fam. Scharinger
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