Prices and regulations

On this page you can find all the important information regarding the financial conditions for the selection of an inhalation site that is most suitable for you. The system allows you to take a series of inhalations in multiple locations or multiple countries. That way you can take your holiday plans, business trip, etc. into account.

The prices are adjusted to the respective country-specific conditions. You will be billed in full at the end of the inhalations.

CountryCurrencyPrice of inhalation
AustriaEUR€ 21.00
GermanyEUR€ 22.00
HungaryHUF1 850 Ft
MexicoMXNMex$ 90,00

Regulations regarding advance payments:

Remaining time until the inhalationAdvance payment in proportion to the total (%)Payment deadline (days)

In case of a cancelation we offer you the following provision:

  • For technical reasons reverse transfers are not possible in case of cancelations.
  • From the advance payment we will discount an other inhalation at the same site for you, in accordance with the cancelation date and the remaining time from then until the original start date of the inhalations.
Remaining time until the inhalationReverse transfer (%)Usable for another inhalation of your choice (%)

We ask you to understand that if you fail to turn up, we will still charge you for the full price of the inhalation.

Overdue payments are treated preferentially, i.e. debts must be settled before new purchases are made.

Attention: The various series of inhalations are to be paid separately. (Collective payments for more than one inhalation site are not possible.)