General terms and conditions

The support service for the beehive air inhalation is accessible at the internet address ].

Contact details of the website operator:

Attila Markus, MD

Germany, 88316 – Isny-Neutrauchburg, Riedstr. 18.


The service the website provides consists of mediation between the participants of the inhalations.

Liability for the correctness of the data on this website lies with the person who entered the data.

If the content of the website appears in identical or similar form on the website of a third party without the express permission of the creator and operator of the website, a fine of 130 Euro a day is payable, considered as a fee for unlawful use.

The personal details that are made known to the website operator in the process of using the website are treated confidentially. Nothing will be handed to third parties, except in such circumstances where it is considered in the interests of the user.

The operator is entitled to change the content of the website at any time.

The operator explicitly rules out liability in circumstances in which the website is unusable, defective, service is disrupted or unclear, and if for such reasons a user sustains direct or indirect damages or any other losses.

Terms of use of the website by inhalation locations

Registering a inhalation location should be done under the menu item inhalation locations / Register inhalation location. The precondition for registering an inhalation location is acceptance of the contract terms detailed in this legal document. Registering is free.

The operator decides after the registration whether or not to activate the inhalation location.

The operator is entitled to check, in person or through a representative, whether the registered apiary or the apiary to be registered meets the conditions necessary to register a company. The operator is entitled to take samples from bee colonies for the purpose of carrying out laboratory tests or to commit the inhalation location to carry out laboratory tests.

The inhalation costs are determined by the operator, depending on the state.

The fee for using the website is 10% of the cost of the inhalation that resulted from the use of the website.

The contract for use of the website can be terminated by either party, in writing, without justification, with a notice period of 3 months before the end of the calendar quarter. After expiry of the notice period the user is removed from the system by the operator.

The operator is entitled to terminate the contract without notice, especially in the following circumstances:

  • malicious or inappropriate use of the website,
  • payment overdue by more than 30 days,
  • conditions for registering are no longer met.

Material and personal conditions for operation of inhalation locations:

  • evidence of personal qualifications: beekeeper’s assistant, existing beekeeping certificate, or an already running apiary (at least 5 years),
  • at least 15 bee colonies,
  • records on the colony management,
  • clean apiary, hygienic honey combs (no mould!),
  • Varroa treatment only with formic acid, oxalic acid, essential oils and other complementary methods like thermal therapy,
  • the inhaled air must not flow back into the beehive,
  • appealing, clean ambience, comfortable furbishing,
  • inhalation only in bee-proof house,
  • every person treated receives own mask and own tube,
  • the outside temperature should be over 18°C, the inhalation should take place during flowering seaon.