... in the first sitting I breathed the air through a tube that was connected to the beehive. ... After that I went for a walk in the forest and was amazed to find that the allergy stayed away. Even after 2 hours I was free from allergies. I had neither burning eyes nor bouts of sneezing and I felt fit. This positive effect lasted for about 3 days before I felt allergic symptoms again.
In the following 10 sittings I experienced a strong easing of my allergies. I could carry out activities that were very burdensome to me before, like gardening, bicycling, and motorcycling, all without experiencing any issues. ...

Marco Feneberg
Pollen allergy, asthma

10 sittings at the beehive have helped me regain the quality of life I was used to.
No more asthma and no more medications with all their side effects.

Wolfgang Milde-Lang
Pollen allergies, asthma

I can't find the words to describe this recovery ("healing"). On the 3rd day of inhalations I could manage the ascent to Mr. Musch's house by bike ("ride up") without shortness of breath (huffing, puffing, getting off the bike). The air I inhaled I could exhale without a problem. The "bloating" in my chest is gone.

M. K.
Bronchial asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis

The positive result, even after the 1st application, was huge. After the 10th time my neurodermatitis was all but gone.
Before, neither the dermatologist nor alternative practitioners could help me. Only Cortison used to stop the neurodermatitis.

R. Hirsch